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Chesapeake Computer Consulting

Developing Networks and Custom Business Software.


Chesapeake Computer Consulting was an IT firm developing networks and custom business software.  They contacted me to create their company’s identity starting with the logo.

In our initial meeting, the client expressed their desire that the logo should identify Chesapeake Computer Consulting as a connectivity technology company. I began creating different design drafts that utilized the three Cs in the company name as an icon. 

A simple and clean image developed but my challenge was to tie the whole logo into a shape that would represent connectivity. I got the idea of incorporating an icon that represents a headphone jack as the link for connectivity and consulting. My view of consulting mirrors my client’s belief that the most important aspect of consulting is listening.  Combining three Cs into a round design to characterize 360 coverage of the business with the headphone jack for connectivity was most of the design but there was one more element I wanted to bring to the “table.” 
The first and second C was layered on top of each other, but since consulting is such a big part of what the company does, I visualized a conference room with a circular table that is an optimal shape of a conference table. I broke the round table shape into three curves to represent three tables, this worked out to be the C I layered on top of the first C – these became the headphones. The circle in the center of the headphone jack was the final spot to place the third C. Once the logo was approved, I created the Chesapeake Computer Consulting branding style guide.


This project was not only challenging but was deeply satisfying as I was able to utilize my design skills to create a visual depiction of what my client wanted to communicate about their company into affecting branding. The client was not only satisfied but very happy with my dedication and ability to deliver the project on time, within budget and exceed their expectations.

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