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Due to a stringent government NDA, I am not able to disclose details of my work for the HHS, but I am proud to include this in my portfolio of work as Yashar Design met the US Government clearances and background requirements to be awarded the contract. The contract with the HHS included several projects, but I can only disclose a couple of the multiple projects I did. 

One was for the rebranding of an internal department initiative, “I Am HHS.”  The Secretary of HHS wanted the branding of the program to have a positive, friendly feel that conveyed an equivalence between the Secretary and the employees of the department. He wanted to show an unobstructed flow of communication between the employees and the administration. After several versions and changes of a logo was presented, one was accepted and enthusiastically approved by the Secretary. The branding I created for the “I Am HHS” program is still in use.

Another project that required an almost impossible timeline was to edit and revise a two-minute video animation presentation in five days. I was given a list of 124 revisions that were collected from several different departments of the HHS.  I completed all the revisions on time and my quality of work and speed was recognized by the digital Director of HHS Public Affairs, who thanked me personally and gave me an award of recognition for my hard work.


A government contract is complicated for the many levels of approvals that a project must go through in each step of development. It also requires a great deal of meticulous QA for each deliverable as oversights could cause much wasted time in an already complicated project timeline. Fortunately, Yashar Design has all the skills and creativity to successfully complete even the most aggressive and intricate projects.

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