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The cannabis products industry is growing by bushels and barrels. For my client, No Leaf Vapor, selling vaping products has been their success, but “growth” is their future with hemp and CBD products. 
I was hired by Mesghali Studio to design a new packaging for their Hemp line that includes CBD edibles and other products. Initially, they launched their Leaf Buddy brand with unappealing, pre-made, DIY product packaging that made the company appear inexperienced and low-end or second rate.  My design goals were to direct and create styles of branding and packaging that would align with current marketing trends, consumers of hemp/CBD products, and elevate the Leaf Buddy brand as a competitive leader alongside any leading cannabis product distributors.

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The marketing direction for the packaging I designed was to present the products as “mainstream” consumer products, however, I remained mindful of cannabis packaging guidelines to not create branding that appeals too much to children or has too much of a “kid’s candy” feel.

As shown in the images of the Leaf Buddy packaging I presented to the client, my direction and designs followed these aspects:


  • Simplicity 

  • Colorful

  • Elegant

  • Clear eye-catching labeling

  • On-trend packaging materials and types

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