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I was hired to collaborate with Marriott and Lobster Ink – developer of employee training and development tools - to edit Marriott’s e-learning courses. This project had a set budget and a very short timeline.


Data analysis, custom motion graphics, infographics, titles, and editing of content for e-learning courses.

In the initial kick-off meeting I had with the client and Lobster Ink, we established and confirmed the scope of the project, goals, and the deadline to complete the project which was 60 days. The amount of content that needed to be edited was nearly 90 hours of e-learning courses.


Working with a third-party developer can be a challenging business arrangement to satisfy my client and collaborate with the vendor who also has a contract with the client. At first, the creative director at Lobster Ink and I did not have the same vision to achieve the Marriot’s desire to make their learning modules engaging and fun. My presentation of ideas and the rationale that supported my artistic concepts gave him assurance that I would not disappoint our client. Our cooperative efforts synced into creative solidarity.

Another challenge was thrown at us from Marriott. We were asked to shorten our timeline and complete the project in 45 days.  


A key direction that Marriot had thrown out more than once in the initial meeting was these e-learning lessons “should not be boring.” I realized if I edit and merge numerous slides into one cohesive and succinct message this will reduce the runtime of the lessons without losing any of the key details that the employees needed to learn. Shorter runtime would reduce the employee’s tendency to lose attention during a long lesson. Making the lessons shorter, more fun, and exciting was the direction I took to achieve the client’s goal. 

I used a successful tactic I learned and developed earlier on this project to edit 2 to 5-minute slide shows into 15 to 30-second videos. Infographics design was the format I used to create e-learning video lessons. Taking nearly 90 hours of content and delivering all the same lessons that run in less than half the time and each was more exciting and engaging than the previous style format.  And I delivered the project on time.


The e-learning modules were not only fun and engaging, but the shorter video format cuts down the original 90 hours of content to less than 30 hours.

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