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luxury high-end Jewelry Store

Sam Razi’s name is his brand and business. Sam is a jewelry designer and owner of a luxury high-end retail jewelry store in the exclusive Persian Azadi Hotel. Working one-on-one with me was essential to Sam as we collaborated on the branding of his line of jewelry and retail business.


Design process

My design process began with numerous sketches and several logo style examples to review with Sam. After brainstorming with him and listening closely to his review of each of my initial drafts, a set of directions and strategies emerged that guided me to the final logo design.

Creating a logo that becomes a timeless brand should be simple, clear and clean.  Straight lines, sharp edges, and strong typography, and a balance between classic styling and imagination emerged. The center design is inspired by a diamond ring and the S and M in Sam to connect him as the jewelry designer. The visual becomes an icon for Sam Razi products. This logo can be easily divided into components so Sam could use the center icon to produce a “signature” line of products.



The focus of the visual impact and message of the logo for Sam Razi was to create a timeless and iconic design that will connect with wealthy clientele who purchase “designer” luxury goods. This is the demographic of international travelers who are guests of the Persian Azadi Hotel.  In our meeting, he expressed the attributes of Status, Stability, and Style should represent Sam Razi and immediately recognized and felt by the consumer when they see the logo.  Sam also requested the logo itself should be designed so it can be used in part or whole on jewelry pieces and other accessory items that he will design for future lines of products for his business.



As you see in the images of signage, retail space, packaging, marketing collateral, and advertising, the Sam Razi brand expresses to the consumer that its product is on-trend, high fashion and classic style, and a symbol of status.  


Since Sam Razi began marketing on Instagram with the branding I designed, his followers have grown nearly from 1.2K followers to over 21K, and still growing. 

The Sam Razi retail store at the Persian Azadi Hotel location has been so successful that a second store was opened in 2018.

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